Diffuser Tip

Our diffusers are brought to you from the most talented hand crafters presenting this elegant 100% crystal glass bottle along with a certificate of originality. This masterpiece bottle is designed to contain our naturally extracted perfume oils and natural wood sticks. Each of our diffuser oils brings to your venues a magical atmosphere derived by emotions, and because we want every M.Sentiment product to be memorable we are pleased to share with you our tips for a greater diffuser experience. Tips for a richer diffusing:
- Filling the crystal bottle with full oil.
- Flipping the sticks twice a day.
- Adding all the sticks.
- Placing the diffuser in a circulating air corner or on an entrance. Tips for long lasting diffuser use:
- Placing half of the sticks only as their natural wood elements are designed to absorb the oil fast.
- When the diffuser is not in use, we advise to cover the crystal bottle with the cork included in the box.
- Refilling the oil as it reaches the half of the crystal bottle.
M.Sentiment Reed Diffuser is expected to last for 7 months +
depends on its usage.
(number of sticks inserted and flipped + the refilling of our perfume oil)